“Good design is immortal”

The combination in the photo (left) of Chinese antiques mixed together with mid-century Blue Mountain pottery is the reason why Holly Gnaedinger and Marie Lyons-Cooper’s Twice Found store front is so successful – they just work so well together. Holly and Marie started selling their collections at the Toronto Antique Centre only to find themselves feeling a little like the “odd ones out”, so they struck out on their own, opening a store in the heart of  Toronto’s Mirvish Village where it finally felt like they were home.

The great thing about Twice Found is just how knowledgeable Holly and Marie are about their pieces and how far they will go to bring you the best quality objects they find. “We rarely put a piece out unless we know the background about it.” Holly has actually admitted to walking away from Estate sales even if there were some great pieces, just because it didn’t feel quite right.

When you walk into Twice Found, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful objects, including: a massive mid-century jewelry collection, Japanese housewares, Chinese antiquities, Canadian pottery, mid-century modern pieces, furniture, glassware, artwork and so on. There is always something new – to look at or to talk about, and Marie and Holly are always generous with their time and energy.

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